Wednesday, September 11, 2019

New IRS Programs for Those Who Surrendered Their Citizenship WIthout FIling IRS Tax Returns and Surrender Forms

If you surrender your US Citizenship you are required to be current on US taxes and file certain special forms that allow you to take your assets with you and if they are less than $2million not pay any taxes on any appreciation in those assets. Failure to file final returns and file the Form 8854 means you still remain liable for US taxes until you do comply with the IRS procedures.  This IRS requirement is separate from any procedures and forms you fill out when you surrender  your citizenship with the US State Department.

This program if you qualify may result in you paying no taxes at all and having a clean tax bill of health.  Read more about the program HERE

If you want to use this program to avoid possible future huge penalties, taxes and interest we can help.  An ever increasing number of countries are now exchanging ever increasing information with the US IRS and sometime in the future you may have problems if you are not compliant with surrender of citizenship tax requirements.

We have assisted hundreds of US Citizens and  Green Card Holders  with the surrender of their legal status. We can help you. EMAIL US HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION  Visit our website at    We are US CPAs and Attorney with over 50 years combined experience in US Nonresident, International and Expatriate taxation.