Monday, November 6, 2017

US Nonresidents- Where to open your US business to Save Taxes

If you are a US nonresident and want to start a business in the USA or establish a subsidiary in the US to operate your business, there are two important decisions you need to make:

1. What type of US entity to use..... a corporation or a Limited Liability Company. The tax consequences of these entities vary substantially and careful consideration of those tax consequences is need to make the right decision. There may also be legal consequences which need consideration.

2. Corporations and LLCs are chartered by one of the US 50 states. Picking the state to organize your LLC or Corporation and for it to operate its business can also have significant US tax consequences. There are 7 states which currently have no corporate income tax. Some states have taxes which can run up to 12 to 13 percent. This tax is in addition to the Federal tax the corporaton will owe the IRS.   The Seven U.S. states currently don't have an income tax are :AlaskaFloridaNevadaSouth DakotaTexas,Washington and Wyoming

We can help you form the US entity you need to operate your business and chose the best state operate your business for tax savings. Email us at  or call our US phone number at 949-480-1235. Advance planning can save you a lot of taxes.